a. about us

Innoket is a marketplace where idea, subjects, topics, articles and opinions is our priority.

Compile, Edit, Modify and Store your Product

Gathering of your information is the major thing to get done, once compiled you can take a doublecheck and store your piece to get it ready for publishing.

Publish Compiled Information

Once you have crosschecked your post and you are sure it’s ready to go for sale then there is no reason to keep your product unpublished so as to get buyers get access to buying your idea pack.

Sell and Buy Idea Articles

Once your piece has been successfully published, you wait for just some few moments to get your buyer and make transaction done on time. Buyers have access to browse all available products and can buy as many products at the same time seamlessly.

Payments made in IKT

All Payments and transactions are to be completed with our Innoket Coin to ensure swift and seamless payment flow on the platform.

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b. our team

We are group of 3 developers and 2 marketing experts. We are small but we do magic !!!


BlockChain developer.

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RND expert, Blockchain analyst and marketing manager.

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Full stack Crypto designer, web designer.

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1. Windows Wallet
2. Linux Wallet
3. GitHub source

c. Innoket's future


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Basic Website Release done

Basic website is released inorder to provide the information about Innoket.

date: Feb last week

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IKT Coin and Wallet Release released

Initial release of the windows and linux GUI wallets.

date: March last week

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IKT available on major Exchange done

Innoket coin will enter into the major exchanges like coinexchange/cryptopia.

date: April first week

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Demo of Innoket Marketplace soon

Demo marketplace will be released public, we will include public in testing phase.

date: Forth quarter of 2018

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Official Launch of Innoket Marketplace soon

Official lauch of IKT marketplace, where actually people can start using our website.

date: First quarter of 2019

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Future Enhancements security,features

More features will be vailable on IKT like android app,wallet enhancement,security alerts on mobile, etc

date: First quarter of 2019

e. IKT Specs

Innoket coin's detailed specifications:

1. Coin spcifications
Coin Name : INNOKET
Abbreviation : IKT
Supply : 21 Million
Algorithm : (POW/POS) Quark
MN Collateral : 10,000 IKT
Block Time : 60 Sec
Block Reward : 25/15 IKT
First Block Pre-mine : 420000 IKT
Diff Target : Every Block
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2. POW/POS rewards
Block#1 -- POW : 420000 IKT
Block#101 -- POW : 1 IKT -- POS : 0 IKT
Block#301 -- POW : 2 IKT -- POS : 0 IKT
Block#501 -- POW : 5 IKT -- POS : 0 IKT
Block#1501 -- POW : 15 IKT -- POS : 0 IKT(1501 to 5000 -> 10IKT)
Block#5001 -- POW : 0 IKT -- POS : 10 IKT
Block#210001 -- POW : 0 IKT -- POS : 25 IKT
Block#420001 -- POW : 0 IKT -- POS : 30 IKT
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3. MN rewards
Block#3000 -- MN : 0%
Block#3001 -- MN : 60%
Block#210001 -- MN : 65%
Block#420001 -- MN : 80%
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f. why Innoket

There are some ICO's which raised millions of dollers just for development of website or infrastructure. Do you really think millions of dollers are required to build those?'

There is no ICO for building Innoket market place, but we are selling 1% of the total coins for masternodes to stabilize the price.
Quark Algorithm
Quark is super secure and uses a different hashing algorithm with 9 rounds of hashing from 6 unique hashing functions (blake, groestl, blue midnight wish, jh, SHA-3, skein). Because of Quark, IKT is ASIC resistant.
Low supply
Innoket coin is developed with low supply of 21millions, which will help to create the demand.
MasterNodes & Privacy
MasterNodes allows a sure and stable network with a copy of the blockchain stocked in each node. and also it helps in stabilizing suppply and demand

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